Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Woman Crush Wednesday - Amanda M.

Amanda caught my eye right away with her purple pants, bright blue eyes, and gorgeous skin that was literally glowing. We met at a bloggers’ brunch during Christian Fashion Week a few months ago, and I instantly felt connected to her.

When I found out that she’s a make up artist and business owner with a purpose, I was even more drawn to her. I love her company’s mission: God-inspired makeup enhances natural beauty, is simple to apply, and brings restoration to women globally. It is the perfect makeup for all women who will change their makeup to change the world.

It always amazes me when people use their gifts for a greater mission – when they care more about others than about their own bottom line. I am proud to know her.

Please meet my friend, Amanda.

1) Please tell me a little about YOU.

I created DIVINE image Cosmetics seven years ago. I lost both my stepfather (he left our family) and my biological father (he passed away while I sat next to him) by age 16 which led to drugs and abuse. I am originally from rural Ohio and moved to Las Vegas at 21 after overcoming heavy drug addictions.

2) Please tell me about your work/ministry.

DIVINE image Cosmetics and the I Am Worthy Foundation are a platform to teach women that true beauty comes from within, starting with her sense of self-worth and self-love. Makeup is the tool and avenue we use to reach ladies’ lives on a real and practical level.
 3) Why are you passionate about what you do?

I used to hide behind my makeup. Once I understood that my true self-worth had to come from God and I needed to love myself for who I was, I wanted to teach other women the valuable and transforming tools to do the same.

4) Why is it important to help others?

To whom much is given, much is expected! God has restored me and made me new. I now have a platter of golden nuggets that is a gift to be shared with every woman I come in contact with. Each nugget is a priceless piece of wisdom that can transform a woman’s soul and create beauty from the inside out.

5) How can readers contribute/participate/come alongside you?

Commit to buying all of your makeup products from DIVINE image Cosmetics for at least one year (they will love it so much they’ll never go back!) and join our team to help us redefine true beauty globally. (Find out more at

6) What makes a woman truly beautiful?

Her sense of self-worth and self-love anchored in her faith and relationship with God, and then the makeup (that’s the finishing touch).
7) What do you like to do in your free time?

Spend time with my husband and son, mainly movies and popcorn, riding bikes or traveling, and dreaming about our future! Serve in our women’s ministry at church. I don’t really have free time – most of my life is centered around the mission God has me on. It has become more of a family goal and we do events and speaking engagements as a family so the people I spend most of my time with are the same ones I would spend my free time with. I love to speak at women’s conferences, girls’ centers, high schools, and really anywhere someone will ask me, and as much as possible my family attends with me for support.

8) Since you’re getting on my shoebox, what’s your favorite kind of shoe?

ALL!! Ha! I love shoes!!! Girl, I think I have about 80 pairs. I like what most women won’t wear. I like my shoes – regardless of the brand – to speak about my personality. The funkier, more wild and crazy, the better. My husband is 6’3 and my 10 year old is too quickly catching up to me, so I love heels – tall ones so I can look the rest of my family in the eye!


OK, I’m getting off my shoebox now.

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