Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Stand Corrected

My friend was having a theological debate with someone I don’t know on his facebook page.  I like to read these debates – the differing ideas, opinions, feelings, their articulation, arguments and examples.  But I usually refrain from commenting, due to my lack of knowledge about the specifics of their arguments.

Tonight I couldn’t resist contributing an observation.  I probably should not have stepped in, but I couldn’t resist.  Unfortunately, the person my friend was debating reared his ugly head on me and unleashed some verbal fury in my direction.

Normally I would have started to feel a rumble roaring in my body, working its way up and out through my mouth.  I would have gotten angry, emotional and combative.  I’d like to think I’ve matured just a bit since those days.  But I surprised myself.

Surprised because often I still feel those feelings inside – I’ve just learned and trained myself to not let them out.  Learned how to breathe, unclench my fists, and bite my tongue.  Learned to let my outside reflect my faith while still burning on the inside.

Surprised even more because I only burned up just a little bit tonight.  I read the words of someone who doesn’t know me as they personally attacked me, and all I could do was smile!  I smiled because the words didn’t hurt.  They were bullets that bounced right off me, fell to the floor, and rolled away.


Because I know whose opinions matter.

Because I know where my worth lies.

Because I know WHO I am.

Because I know WHOSE I am.

And while I know that age should bring wisdom, restraint and self-control, I also know that it doesn’t always happen as planned and as desired.  So I’m grateful that I was able to keep an honest smile on my face throughout the conversation and stand my ground.

Oh, and to show that miracles sometimes do happen, his last words to me were, “I stand corrected.”

OK, I’m getting off my shoebox now.