Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Woman Crush Wednesday - Felecia W.

I  met Felecia when our boys were in preschool together. Her son, Carson, was an adorable kid with two big sisters. One day, James told me Carson was moving far away. I found out they were going back to Indonesia, but I didn’t know why.

Felecia and I found each other on Facebook. As I got to know her better (even from thousands of miles away), her story broke my heart but her resilience inspired me and continues to inspire me. And her love for the Lord? It’s tangible. It’s real. It’s her rock and foundation.

Please meet my friend, Felecia.

1) Please tell me a little about YOU.

My name is Felecia Wong. I was born and raised in Indonesia and I moved to the U.S. when I was 17 to continue my education in Fresno, California. I am a mother of 3 (ages 13, 10, and 6). In 2011, my beloved husband went to be with the Lord. Shocked and stunned by grief, I entered the journey unprepared and broken but that’s when God showed up. His grace carried me through. In 2012, the children and I moved back to Indonesia to be closer with the family. I am now involved in the family business and in a local church ministry. I enjoy traveling, taking photos with my iPhone, writing, fashion, spending time with my children, and connecting with people.

2) Please tell me about your work/ministry.

I am a full time mom but I also work full time in developing an enrichment center for babies and children. I coach parents and help them to discover what parenting is all about and how parents and children can build a close and secure relationship, work together as a team, and have a beautiful life-journey together.

I am involved in worship, women, and children’s ministry at my local church. The blog that I started nearly 3 years ago is also my ministry wherein I share my journey through grief as a way to let the brokenhearted know that they are never alone.

3) Why are you passionate about what you do?

After what I’ve been through, I can’t help but share the love of God to anyone. I really want women and children to live, breathe and be secured in God’s love as the only thing that will fulfill and satisfy. I also understand how tough parenting is therefore I want to help as many parents and single parents out there.

4) Why is it important to help others?

During the hardest time of my life, God showed up tangibly through people He placed around me, pouring out their lives and love to my children and me. Because of God’s love and theirs, I can be who I am. They have helped me to be where I am today. So now, I really want to help people, especially those who are hurting and going through tough times. Brokenhearted people need to know that they are not alone and there is still hope and a future for them, a future that is secured in God’s hand.

5) How can readers contribute/participate/come alongside you?

I would really appreciate prayer support. Please visit my blog and leave comments, follow me on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, join the community, and feel free to share/repost/regram any image and blog post. I would love to be connected.

6) What makes a woman truly beautiful?

When a woman knows how deeply she is loved, the true beauty inside her will come out. I believe the only love that can fuel every heart and satisfy every soul is the love of God.

7) What do you like to do in your free time?

I love spending time with my kids, baking and cooking together, watching movies, and keeping up with fashion news.

8) Since you’re getting on my shoebox, what’s your favorite kind of shoe?

Classic and comfortable heels in a nude color (like the Valentino pumps below).


OK, I’m getting off my shoebox now.

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