Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Woman Crush Wednesday - Ann-Margret H.

Thanks to a mutual friend on Facebook, I got to know Ann-Margret Hovsepian – a published author, freelance writer and editor, crafter, blogger, and missionary.

A visit to New York City several years ago gave us the face-to-face we needed to connect beyond the screen. We enjoyed Phantom on Broadway and walked all over the city (“10 more blocks???”).

Ann-Margret has many talents and I don’t think she knows what “idle time” is – she keeps herself busy with her many projects and hobbies. I appreciate her giving nature and upbeat attitude on life.

Please meet my friend, Ann-Margret.

1) Please tell me a little about YOU. 

I’m tempted to say I’m just an ordinary, everyday girl because that’s how I felt for most of my life, but that would almost be an insult to my Creator. I don’t think God makes anything or anyone “ordinary” – “ordinary” is our own perception of things, based on false standards we create.

In case you didn’t figure it out from my last name, I’m Armenian. I was born in 1972 in Montreal, Canada, where my parents met. My dad was born in Greece and my mom was born in Egypt. I’ve never been married and I don’t have kids but I’ve become blissfully happy in my singlehood in the last few years.

I’m an introvert, a self-starter and an autodidact, which probably surprises the people who thought I didn’t have it in me to be independent. I also (unofficially) mentor about a dozen young women, which makes up for the fact that I don’t have children or younger siblings.

A few of my favourite things: vintage books, quaint country cottages, cobalt blue glass, red gingham, C.S. Lewis, vintage quilts, key lime pie, giraffes, The Princess Bride, calligraphy, Honey Bee from DavidsTea, Jane Austen, roasted Brussels sprouts, theatre, bunnies, freckles, cellos and art supplies. Okay, that was more than a few. I also love lists!

A few things I don’t like: roller coasters, lamb (as meat), deep water, green beans, football and jazz.

2) Please tell me about your work/ministry.

Work: Although I studied chemistry in college, I’ve spent the last 22 years in the publishing industry, both as an editor and a writer. I’m eagerly awaiting the release of my third book – Truth, Dare, Double Dare: Another Year of Dynamic Devotions for Girls – this fall. I’ve had articles published in Christianity Today, InTouch (I’m currently writing a series of Bible studies for the magazine), Brio, Montreal Home and dozens of other magazines and newspapers. Nearly 30,000 copies of my first two books (combined) have been sold since the first one, The One Year Designer Genes Devo, came out in 2007. My second book, Truth & Dare: One Year of Dynamic Devotions for Girls, was released in 2011. 

Ministry: I surrendered my life to Jesus when I was seven years old and began actively serving at church at the age of 16. Since then, I’ve been involved in various ministries for children, youth and women. More recently, I’ve become passionate about missions and will be embarking on my third mission trip this summer. In 2012, I spent a week in northern Quebec with a team of women, doing outreach among the Cree. Last year, I joined my dad on his fourth mission trip to Armenia and spent three weeks immersing myself into the culture, language, food and landscape of my homeland. I fell in love with a small village called Horom and can’t wait to return this August to spend a few days there during our three-week trip. Our family ministry (Joseph Hovsepian Ministries) is financing the rebuilding of the Horom church, which was devastated during the 1988 earthquake. We also freely provide Bibles, New Testaments, gospel tracts and devotional books (the latter two written and produced by us) to local missionaries and village churches in Armenia.

3) Why are you passionate about what you do? 

I’m passionate about my writing and mission work because they are both gifts from God. I could never, on my own, have any kind of positive impact on the world. But God has opened doors for me to share the good news about Him through various means, whether I’m speaking directly to people or supporting pastors and missionaries who are doing the work. 

4) Why is it important to help others? 

Living for oneself makes for a miserable existence. Not only do we have a responsibility to help others because that’s how God designed humans to interact and co-exist, but it is also a deeply satisfying pleasure to reach out and give someone a hand, to share what we have (whether we have a little or a lot), to listen to someone, to pray with someone, to give a hug or to give of your time. 

5) How can readers contribute/participate/come alongside you? 

I’m so glad you asked! Anyone interested in the work we’re doing in Armenia can visit either our website ( or our Facebook page. There are reports on our projects and mission trips, details about how to support our work and many other resources. 

I’d also love it if your readers connected with me personally by subscribing to my blog, liking my Facebook page or visiting my website. 

6) What makes a woman truly beautiful? 

When I think of the women I am most drawn to, what always stands out is the humility, purity and joy they exude. A godly woman can be perfectly plain – even frumpy – by worldly standards, but when the love of Christ is bubbling inside her, you will see a sparkle in her eye, a spring in her step and a brilliance in her smile that no store-bought product or spa treatment can ever replicate.

7) What do you like to do in your free time? 

Ready for another list? Haha! I actually rarely have free time but, when I do, the challenge is choosing from among my many hobbies: reading, sewing, indoor gardening, drawing, experimenting with recipes, exploring my neighbourhood (I live in the hip “Plateau” district), window shopping (or just plain ol’ shopping) and watching romantic comedies. 

8) Since you’re getting on my shoebox, what’s your favorite kind of shoe?

I can’t often find them in my size (suffice it to say that I’m 5’8”) but I adore ballet-style canvas shoes such as the ones below. Comfort is a big deal for me and my style ranges from ballet flats and Mary Janes to Converse oxfords, so these are the perfect in-between.


OK, I’m getting off my shoebox now.

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