Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pretty Packaging

I was over the “moon” when I received a very special and very valuable gift in the mail yesterday.  I literally gasped when I opened the package, and was rendered speechless for a few moments.  It was quite unexpected and extremely generous.

When Jayson got home and saw the box, he remarked at how plain it was.  Just a regular, run of the mill cardboard shoebox.  That got me thinking about another very valuable gift I once received, again in a simple white box.  Tiffany jewels come wrapped in effortless blue paper and white ribbon.  Diamond wedding rings are presented in uncomplicated velvet boxes.

Does it make sense that something so valuable would come in such a simple container?  Shouldn’t a fancy gift be in a swanky box with elaborate wrapping and ribbons?  Shouldn’t the outside match the inside?

Yet it makes perfect sense.  Something intrinsically valuable does not need elaborate packaging to shout its worth to anything with eyes.  In fact, the less pretentious the outside, the more admirable the inside could be.

And then, perhaps, we could take our focus OFF the gift, and put it ON the gift-giver.

OK, I’m getting off my shoebox now.

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