Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer Sense

The first day of summer is still a week away, but with the temperatures rising and the fact that my boys have already been out of school for three full weeks, it feels like the season is already upon us.
To prepare for the sun and fun, here are a few tips to stay fittingly fashionable and happily healthy this time of year.


Summertime is hot. I live in central California where we have weeks of triple digit weather at a time and months of no rain (even when we’re not in a drought). I get it. As it gets hotter, clothing items seem to get smaller and more skin is on display. But you don’t have to reveal your body to stay cool. In fact, it’s safer to cover up, even when it’s hot and humid out, by choosing lightweight, light-colored fabrics and gauzy styles.

Try linen shorts with a white peasant blouse. Or denim cutoffs (that aren’t too short or have the pockets hanging out) with a concert tee. My absolute favorite is a sundress – chic and easy! I live in them all summer long.

Note 1: When wearing white, stick with flesh-colored undergarments. White undergarments will show through. And visible undergarments are not attractive (unless you’re Madonna) – this includes bra straps and thongs.

Note 2: Many skirts and dresses are very sheer. Invest in a lightweight slip to wear underneath.


I love flip flops as much as any other California girl, but they’re not super comfortable and aren’t very good for your feet. I save them for the pool, beach, or when I run out to get the mail.

An easy way to look stylish in these casual summer months is to pair whatever you’re wearing with some fancy footwear. I’m not recommending stilettos (even though I LOVE them year-round). But instead of flip flops or sneakers, try sandals, ballerina flats, wedges, espadrilles, or mules. There are so many footwear options that can instantly class up your look without any extra effort. And they’re just as comfortable as flip flops, promise.
Note 1: More than likely your feet and toes will be on display all summer long, so take care of them! You don’t have to get a fancy pedicure every other week, but keep your feet moisturized and your toenails groomed.

Note 2: If your feet tend to sweat in the summer heat, sprinkle a little baby powder in your shoes before heading out.


Three words: Less is more! In these hot months you don’t want to feel like your face is melting off. Keep things simple with a few coats of mascara and some lip gloss. Let your natural beauty shine.
Note 1: I love Trader Joe’s Lip Balm Virtuoso – it’s minty-fresh and it has SPF 15.

Note 2: If your skin tends to get oily, don’t clog your pores with powder. Instead, try blotting tissues. You can find them at any drugstore or department store beauty counter.


It’s important to be hyper-vigilant with your skin during the summer. The elements can be brutal, so wash your face daily and use a light moisturizer with SPF. I cannot stress this enough. Always use sunscreen and try to find skin products with SPF when possible. (It’s important in the winter, too.)

Another extremely important way to keep skin looking healthy is to drink water all day long. If you wait until you’re thirsty, you’re already on your way to being dehydrated. Keep that water bottle with you wherever you go.

Note 1: I use a refillable bottle and keep it in my bag so it's always with me. Let’s keep our environment in mind.

Note 2: If you smoke, please stop. It’s awful and it ages your skin (and teeth… and lungs…).

OK, I’m getting off my shoebox now.


  1. Great post, Silva! I try not to wear flip flops ALL the time. I had a bad bout of tendonitis two years ago that I'm sure is directly related to the fact that I wore them basically from March through October.

    1. Thanks Carrie! Tendonitis? Ouch!