Wednesday, June 17, 2015

One Fine Day

I love being on summer break. I love being home with my boys. Yes, the days can be long and the bickering can be annoying. But I am so relaxed not being chained to a rigid schedule (wake up, get dressed, eat, out the door, off to school, home from school, get homework done, make dinner, pack lunches, get the kids showered and in bed, sleep and repeat!).

Yesterday I was frustrated because – out of nowhere – James asked for a Nintendo 3DS, a Kindle, AND a dog. And when I said “no” (obviously), he gave me the saddest face on earth. I’d like to think I’m raising grateful children – not entitled brats who think it’s okay to ask for anything they want.

I understand that he’s only 7 years old and may not think anything of asking for expensive “toys” like he would a candy bar. He may not understand the difference (yet). Is it unreasonable for me to imagine that my children might be satisfied with all they have and not long for things they don’t? I guess that’s not human nature.

Today was a much better day. I woke up to this:
The boys were sitting together at the kitchen counter, reading so they can add to their summer reading challenge log. (If you're local, see here to sign up! I'm sure most libraries have similar programs.)

After breakfast, we headed to the theatre for their dollar movie of the week (see here for the entire summer schedule). For a grand total of $3, we enjoyed the movie “Nut Job.” The theatre wasn’t too packed and the boys loved the film.
We came home for lunch and then the boys asked if they could wear their ninja costumes. I don’t know why they thought of it, but hey, I’m thrilled for them to get more use out of their Halloween costumes (my most hated “holiday”). They ran all over the house (and all over the furniture, but whatever) as stealthy ninjas – burning off lots of energy.
We had to step out for some errands, and even though it was really hot, we got it done in record time. I love when the boys cooperate and we can be in and out of several places without dragging.

When we got home I had some things to do, so the boys went to the game closet and pulled out “Would You Rather?” They had fun asking each other all the questions, such as: “Would you rather have 14 fingers or 16 toes?” “Would you rather be the ugliest person on earth or the dumbest?”
I love days like today, when they find things to do that involve their hands, feet and imaginations. When they play together without quarreling. When they work with me instead of against me.

Are we perfect? Definitely not. Because also today the boys watched cartoons while eating lunch AND dinner; James dropped a glass full of milk, making a giant mess (thankfully the glass didn’t shatter!); and Silas ate a bowl full of mini-marshmallows for dessert. Yeah, we watch tv and we eat sugar.

But we also have fun without always relying on electronics or spending a ton of money. At least we did today – let’s see how tomorrow goes.

OK, I’m getting off my shoebox now.


  1. Love this! Glad you had a great day.

    1. Thanks Rachel! Hopefully we'll have many more summer days like this! Hope you're well!

  2. These ARE the best days! This is what our kids will remember the most from their childhood---thanks for the reminder…now, I'm off to put on my ninja costume ;)

    1. I agree, Rachel. Experiences make the best memories (and photos to capture them). Hope you have a stealthy day!