Thursday, August 14, 2014

Closet Conversations

Sitting in church. Praying with friends. Hiking in nature. (I regularly do two out of these three things, by the way.)

These are considered spiritual moments – times when we feel God’s presence. Being around other Christians, worshiping, praying, enjoying the beauty of creation. Soaking in His presence, uplifting and encouraging each other, pushing our bodies’ physical limits.

But how often do we do these things? How often do we feel connected with God? Do we make a daily effort? Or is it our once-a-week “donation” to God when we spend an hour at His house Sunday morning and check it off our spiritual to do list?

Fortunately, if we know the Lord, we don’t have to go to Him. He’s not in some faraway office behind a locked door sitting at a big desk, accessible only through an assistant. (“Hi, you’ve reached God’s office. This is Peter; how may I help you?”)

He’s always with us.

And so spiritual moments can happen anytime, anywhere.

Sometimes we don’t want them, like when we’re doing something we shouldn’t be doing. Sometimes we’re not ready for them, like when we’re busy but we know someone needs us. Sometimes we ignore them, because they make us uncomfortable, like when the Spirit prompts us to pray with someone right then and there – OUT LOUD.

And sometimes, they surprise us, in the best possible way. Spiritual moments, when we connect with God by connecting with others. When we carry out His desire of loving Him and loving our neighbor. When we relate to humanity in an unselfish way, outside of ourselves, outside of our comfort zone, getting our hands dirty for the benefit of someone else. When we give a smile, a dollar, a helping hand, an encouraging word, a good deed, an hour of time, an extension of our talents, a show of affection – something, anything, to convey our love for each other because He loved us first.

I have a spiritual moment in my closet every morning. What am I going to wear today? Is it decent? Is everything covered? Does my bra show? Is it too tight, too short, too revealing? Do I need a tank underneath, or a cardigan on top? Will I be comfortable? Will it draw unnecessary attention? Within 10 seconds I’ve had a conversation with God and my outfit is decided and, hopefully, He is pleased.

I’m not the most disciplined person. I’m definitely not a morning person who wakes up early for quiet time and devotions. I don’t only listen to Christian music. Sometimes I say bad words. I’m kind of the opposite of a Proverbs 31 woman, but I’m trying. I carry my Lord with me all day long – stealing away moments to talk with Him, pray to Him, sing to Him, and beg His forgiveness for my daily (hourly?) sins.

My spiritual moments happen all day long. What about you?

OK, I’m getting off my shoebox now.

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