Saturday, December 3, 2011


The Victoria’s Secret fashion show was on television last week.  As much as I’m into fashion, I opted not to watch this year.  I really wasn’t interested in being reminded how short my legs are and I definitely don’t need to see how beautifully and miraculously Miranda Kerr’s belly bounced right back to perfect after she just had a baby.  Unlike mine.  Three and a half years later.  Anyway.  I also didn’t want to influence my husband to watch it.

Talking with a friend later that night about how insecure this fashion show in particular probably makes most girls feel, I suddenly thought, FMHEO.

For My Husband’s Eyes Only.

Certain things that we as women do should be for our husbands’ eyes only.  For example, appearing in lingerie.  Those models – while extremely beautiful, while technically working, while technically selling a product – should really only reveal their lingerie-clad bodies to their husbands.  Notice I did not say boyfriends or fiancés.

Unless their name is Jayson Emerian, no one should be seeing me in lingerie.  That includes bra straps dangling outside a shirt or tank top, or the top of my underwear peeking out when I bend over.  Nor should Jayson be seeing any other woman’s bra straps or underwear or any other part of their FMHEO body parts.

If you’re not married yet, think FMFHEO instead – For My Future Husband’s Eyes Only.  If you’re a guy, think FMWEO – For My Wife’s Eyes Only.  And so on.

We are made in God’s image.  We each have the body God designed for us.  And He loves us just as we are.  But our bodies are not for flaunting, begging desperately for any attention a man will throw at us.  God gave us brains to recognize that and prioritize what should be most important to us and act accordingly.  He gave us a personality to draw others to us.  He gave us a smile to catch peoples’ attention.  He gave us a laugh to bring joy to others.  He gave us a heart to care, and hands and feet to put that care into action.

You want attention?  Walk with confidence.  Chin up, eyes forward, shoulders back, long stride… and fully clothed.

OK, I’m getting off my shoebox now.


  1. Went to an event last night where the Christmas Trees were on disply...but so were an amazing number of women displaying large amounts of cleavage. It seemed like since they paid for them, they might as well show them off. Thanks for getting ON your shoebox, Silva!

  2. Well written, Silva. There's a word for people who get paid for sex, and "lingerie model" is one of many job titles in the broad spectrum of sex workers.

  3. Congrats on what is, easily one of the most ignorant comments I have ever read. "Lingerie model = sex worker"? I pity you.

    1. Hi Anonymous. To be honest, I don't know who wrote the comment above yours, as it was written two years ago. I can definitely see your point, though. May I ask your opinion on the actual post? I value all feedback. Thank you for reading!

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