Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Lightness of Being

This morning I drove behind a guy on a motorcycle.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a motorcycle.  I couldn’t help but envy the guy, freely flying through the breeze.  He was wearing boots, a neon green jacket (on a motorcycle safety trumps fashion, but come on, there has to be something more stylish out there), and a helmet.  Nothing else.

Nothing else?

I started to think about the stuff we carry around.  Why do guys need so little?  They barely need one pocket, while ladies carry around a small valise for even the quickest jaunt.  I instantly felt weighted down.

To follow are the contents of my purse:
1.            cell phone
2.            ear piece
3.            wallet
4.            two Pull Ups
5.            case of wipes
6.            Michael’s coupon
7.            lip gloss
8.            compact
9.            small mesh bag of crayons
10.        two granola bars and four packets of gummy snacks
11.        Nivea skin crème
12.        mints
13.        mini-notebook
14.        4 pens
15.        tube of kids’ sunscreen
16.        two Table Toppers
17.        nail file
18.        antibacterial gel
19.        business cards in a case
20.        antibiotic ointment
21.        band aids
22.        hair elastic
23.        water bottle
24.        two thermoses (water for the boys)
25.        keys

To follow are my husband’s carry-items:
1.            wallet
2.            cell phone
3.            keys

Seriously?  Maybe I do carry more than just the bare necessities.  Maybe I do subscribe to the “just in case” lifestyle.  Maybe I wouldn’t need the majority of these items if I didn’t have kids.  Or maybe I just like my valise.

I’ll have to hold on to it extra-tight next time I’m on a motorcycle.

OK, I’m getting off my shoebox now.


  1. And who does everyone come to when they need something? The mom with the purse!

  2. Women are more complex creatures than men. Occasionally, I envy their simplicity. On the other hand, it would have felt very strange having kids going to Daddy for that band-aid, hand-wipe, chap stick or quarter. We are just built to nurture and nest. Consider your valise a portable nest!