Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Sweetest Gift

Today I tried to remember the best Christmas present I ever received as a child.  It was a simpler time, and we definitely weren’t spoiled, but we got our fair share of gifts.

I thought and thought and I honestly could not remember not only my favorite Christmas present, but ANY Christmas present!

When I think about Christmases from my childhood, what I remember are the big family get-togethers.  We always celebrated on Christmas Eve.  We would either be with my father’s side of the family in Boston (about 25 of us then) or my mother’s side in New Jersey (about 17 of us then).  There would be commotion, laughter, lots of running around, and delicious food.  We would eat and play and sing and dance and wait impatiently until midnight to tear into the huge pile of gifts under the tree.

I remember making up skits with my cousins and performing them for the adults.

I remember one cousin in New Jersey screaming and jumping for joy when she unwrapped a  Menudo record!

I remember one of the older cousins would always dress up as Santa and we would sing for him before getting our presents.

I remember the hugs and love and warmth and peace and safety I felt being with my family and our extended family.

These sweet memories stand out more than any game or toy or clothing item I ever received.

OK, I’m getting off my shoebox now.

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  1. Those are the best memories, aren't they? I miss those days and that tashkhalah!