Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ponies and Butterflies

I can’t stop smiling.

Jayson is out of town on business and was supposed to come home tomorrow.  But he called a little while ago to say he’s on his way back – tonight!  I squealed like a little girl who just got a glitter-dipped pony for her birthday.

After 9-1/2 years of marriage, I still get excited at the thought of my husband coming home.  Maybe it was those years of long-distance dating, when all we had were phone conversations and bimonthly visits – no facebook, no Skype, just a lot of loneliness and sad goodbyes.  I don’t like missing Jayson, and I don’t need a “break” from him.

We’re very different and we definitely have our own interests.  But things are always better with him than without him.  He’s my home.  And he’s coming home.

The butterflies are still there.  Still smiling.

OK, I’m getting off my shoebox now.


  1. This is beautiful, Silva. You are an amazing wife and Jayson is a blessed husband. I wish you butterflies and smiles forever!

  2. Aww. I didn't know you guys were long distance! You need to tell me stories! I'm confident I'll feel the same way in the future ;)