Monday, February 28, 2011

Picking Places

Places I have been:

1)      Spain
2)      Amsterdam
3)      Armenia
4)      Karabagh
5)      Kuwait

Places I visit frequently:

1)      Trader Joe’s
2)      Target
3)      Costco

Places I don’t feel too comfortable:

1)      A steakhouse
2)      Yoga class
3)      Anywhere with smokers

Places I go with the boys:

1)      The library
2)      Many parks (they have nicknames for all of the ones we go to)
3)      Yogurtville

Places I go alone:

1)      The hair salon

Places I’d like to visit one day:

1)      Greece
2)      Israel
3)      Coco Chanel’s apartment

Place I should be right now:

1)      In bed

Places that make me happy:

1)      On the couch reading with my boys
2)      Eating at Bombay Club in Harvard Square with Jayson
3)      My in-laws’ house on Sunday afternoons

Places I used to go but don’t go now:

1)      Dance clubs
2)      IHOP after dance clubs

Places I avoid like the plague:

1)      Los Angeles
2)      The gym
3)      The mall

Places I am right now:

1)      Contentment
2)      Sleepiness
3)      Getting off my shoebox

1 comment:

  1. haha avoid: los angeles.

    this made me happy. I hope to run away one day!